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Festival  Headliner

Confirmed for 2018!

Hailing from the cities of Armagh and Derry and are made up of Ciara
McCafferty (vocals), Ciaran Carlin (Flute/Whistles) and Paul Starrett (Guitar)
Emer Mallon (Harp) and Conor Mallon (Uilleann Pipes/Whistles).
Labelled as the Hottest New Group out of Northern Ireland, (Chicago Irish
American News) Connla have been quickly making an impact on the
folk/traditional scene.


Since the release of their EP in April 2015, and album “River Waiting” in July 2016 they
have received fantastic reviews at home and internationally. They have already gathered
a big following in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA. Songlines magazine made Connla
their “must see act” for the tour of the UK and stated “A band this young shouldn’t be this
good”. Their sensitive and innovative arrangements of traditional and modern folk
songs and tunes, have helped them create a sound which is very identifiable as
Connla.  Visit their website at

  • Vocal/Instrumental album of the year - Live Ireland Music Awards 2017

  • Vocal/Instrumental album of the year - Top TIR Irish American News

  • Best New Sound – Best of the Year Awards Chicago Irish American News 2016 – Jack Baker

  • Best New Group – Live Ireland Music Awards 2016

  • New Group of the Year – Chicago Irish American News 2016

Musical Entertainment   2018

​Kilmaine Saints​​

"Fronted by County Mayo, Ireland native Brendan, Kilmaine Saints have been firing up Central PA with the kind of whiskey-swilling, hard-dancing, red-cheeked Celtic sets that hangovers were made for. Armed with accordions, tin whistles, bodhrans, fiddles and pipes the Harrisburg collective pummel their way through Irish, Scottish and folk traditionals (and a handful of originals) with fiery punk abandon. Fans of Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and The Pogues, strap on yer boots and heave a pint in the air-- it's time to delight in the juice of the barley."
- Lancaster Fly Magazine

“Kilmaine Saints is a band formed on good whiskey and bad intentions. The brainchild of  two members of a Harrisburg Pipe & Drum band, this side project was originally created with the sole intent of getting them free beer at St Patrick's Day shows in the Central PA area (and might I add - mission accomplished). After incorporating the help of fellow members from the pipe band and other notable musicians from the area, they soon realized they were in for one hell of a ride. Since 2009 they have continued to pound through blistering, high-energy live sets that keep people singing along, stomping their feet, lifting their pints and shouting for more. With several hundred shows at pubs and festivals up and down the East Coast, 2 critically-acclaimed releases under their belts, national and international airplay, and an ever-expanding and extremely loyal fan base, it's no wonder the world is starting to stand up and take notice. In short, the Kilmaine Saints are equal parts Irish swagger, Scottish pride, and whiskey. This explosive Celtic rock band from central PA will steal your heart, your spirit, and your pint when you're not looking.”



Across the Pond is a multi-instrumental, regional trio performing their own high-octane arrangements of Irish and Scottish tunes and songs.  Their music is traditional, but also has a quite modern edge.  Finding that special balance is what separates Across the Pond from many other Irish bands.  They can capture the audience’s attention and release it until the end of the performance.


They produced their first CD "Kid on the Mountain" in October 2014, and the floodgates opened.  They were named as one of the Top 20 Celtic bands in the world​​ for 2014 by Celtic Music Podcaster Marc Gunn.  In 2015, they were ranked number 6 nationally and 10th globally by music host Reverbnation, and their CD “Kid on the Mountain” was entered into the Irish Traditional Music Archives in Dublin, Ireland.  In 2016, their recording of  "I Know My Love" was voted 'Best of Contemporary' for 2015 and inducted into the Celtic Radio Hall of Fame., and  “The Arran Boat Set” was nominated  in the Traditional Music Category.

They have been performing 90 gigs a year from Virginia Beach to Ontario and Quebec provinces in Canada, and you can find them playing frequently in south-central PA.  They are currently working on their 2nd CD.

Irish Blessing

Confirmed for 2018!

 Irish Blessing, the acclaimed York, Pa based family band, intensely & unapologetically carries on the purest forms of traditional Irish music & dance. 

Cushla Srour: Hailing from New Zealand with Celtic roots, Cushla is the driving force behind the band. She is totally immersed in the music & dance culture of Ireland & plays piano, flute & whistles. When not performing, she often emcees at Irish Festivals & judges Irish music competitions at feisanna.

















Jim Srour: With distant Irish roots & a love of many musical genres, Jim began enjoying Celtic music after meeting Cushla over 30 years ago. Playing Bodhran, flute & low whistle, he also is the sound engineer for the band.

Jonathon Srour: With many talents including World Championship level of  Irish Dance( 5th in World, 3 time Senior Belt Holder of N. America, Michael Flately’s Lord of the Dance, The Magic of Ireland, America’s Got Talent,) Jonathon is also a much sought after, Irish flute soloist. Just don't ask him to sing!

Joshua: Like his brother, Josh is also a World Championship level Irish  dancer, having competed in Ireland, Scotland & all over N. America. Naturally talented  on the fiddle, his Irish melodies are haunting, captivating & hard driving at the same time. Toes begin to tap when Josh picks up the bow!
Both brothers have qualified & competed at World Championships in Irish Dance & Music. A feat paralleled by few.

Peter Brice:  Peter Brice is a ballad singer, button accordion player, and embedded musicologist from Annapolis, Maryland.  His work blends musicianship with folklore and history, and reflects his appreciation for traditional culture across the 18th and 19th centuries.  After several seasons studying the Srour people from a distance, in 2013 he was at last permitted to approach after gaining the trust of the matriarch.  A documentary film about his fieldwork, "Irish Blessing: The Srourdid Story" will premiere this spring on public television.


Gabriel Donahue

Husband and wife team, Ted and Susie Tomalewski, have been entertaining throughout the Four State Area since 2004. Their combination of Appalachian Style clog dancing, guitar and flute playing, fun song singing, joke telling and audience interaction will warm your heart and lift your spirits. They have recently added a Celtic Children's Set for the young and the young at heart. They will have you grinnin' in no time!

Pickin' & Grinnin'

             Children's Show


Patricia Hopper Patteson

30-minute mini-lecture on The Irish In the Civil War on the pavilion stage.

Patricia Hopper Patteson is a native of Dublin, Ireland and lives in West Virginia. She is from central Dublin where historical landmarks range from midlevel times to the birth of Ireland’s national independence in 1922. She likes to explore West Virginia’s past in the mountain state’s rich history of the Civil War and the noted disputes in its vast coal fields.  Patricia earned a B.A. and M.A. from West Virginia University (WVU).  She also received honors from WVU in creative writing and has received numerous awards from the West Virginia Writers’ annual competition. Her fiction and non-fiction have been published in magazines, reviews, and anthologies. Her debut historical novel Kilpara was published by Bygone Era Books. Her second novel Corrib Red was published by Cactus Rain Publishing. Her third novel in the series Aunjel will be published in September 2018. Her novels have received positive acclaim from Midwest Review, Manhattan Review and the Historical Novel Society Review.

Patrica will talk about the Irish participation from individuals that fought in the battles instead of narrating about the battles themselves.

The Irish in the American Civil War

Over 150,000 Irishmen fought in the Civil War on the side of the Union and another 20,000 fought for the South. Many were recent immigrants who wanted to show their loyalty to their newly adopted country. They fought in all-Irish units that made up the Irish Brigade led by Brigadier Thomas Francis Meagher. He had been sent to Australia by the British for his participation in Young Ireland in the early 1800’s. He later escaped from Australia and came to America, The Irish Brigade suffered heavy losses in the early part of the war at Antietam and then at Fredericksburg.

When Lincoln’s focus changed from preservation of the Union to include a condition to free slaves, many Irish people balked. Added to this was the National Conscription Act in 1863 that every man between the ages of 21 and 45 was subject to a draft lottery unless he hired a replacement or paid a fee, an alternative that was out of reach for most Irish. The Irish also feared if slaves were freed and came north, they would be forced to compete with African-Americans for jobs. Thousands of immigrants protested in the streets of New York and assaulted African-Americans. This violent protest ended the organized Irish participation in the war, and the Irish Brigade, having suffered great losses, disbanded.

Entertainment Schedule

Times subject to change

Main Stage

10:00 - 10:30 Opening Ceremony &  Welcome; Stage Announcements

10:30-11:00    69th PA Volunteers

11:30 - 12:30  Gabriel Donahue
1:00 - 2:00      Irish Blessing
2:30 - 3:30     Across the Pond
4:00 - 5:00     Connla -

5:30-6:30       Kilmaine Saints



11:00-11:30  Pickin' & Grinnin' Children's Show


12:30-1:00  Mini Lecture "Irish in the Civil War" by author Patricia Hopper Patteson

2:00 - 2:30  Coyle School of Irish Dance


3:30 - 4:00 Coyle School of Irish Dance

5:00 - 5:30  Pickin' & Grinnin' Children's Show

tentative - subject to confirmation

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